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Video Tutorial (english version)

Here you can find all the free tutorials that we have created over the years. Use them to learn dance steps and figures comfortably from home. Almost all explanations are accompanied by the corresponding video, mostly shot by us.
Have fun and study well! (this is the english version of the page)

Vai alla Versione in ITALIANO

SALSA Figures and steps

With this free online salsa tutorial you will learn the basic salsa steps and basic salsa figures, with a simple and gradual method, helped by videos shot by us and detailed explanations. Start from the first link if you are a beginner:


BACHATA Figures and steps


We also have a lot of material available for Bachata and we will soon prepare more about sensual bachata. Click on the link to access the free material:


Cuban SALSA Figures and steps

Figure di Salsa Cubana

On this page you will find a step-by-step guide to learn Cuban salsa steps and figures, of course accompanied by video clips shot by us, and in the original style of Cuban salsa: casino cubano. Don’t miss it!


Rueda de Casino – Figures and steps

In this section we collect the main figures of Rueda de Casino, selecting for you the best videos found on the web, cut at precise points concerning the figures; and where videos are missing, we shot them with the help of our fantastic students. Good study!


Rueda of Bachata – Figures and steps

Very special is bachata made in rueda, with changes of couple and figures executed in sync. On this page you will find all the explanations and video tutorials for each called figure; attention, the tutorial is designed for a target that already knows how to dance bachata basics. Enjoy watching/reading!


Kizomba nueva – Figures and steps


A path that we have prepared with explanations and videos on setting up and basic Kizomba figures in Isabelle and Felicién’s unique style, which we have called Kizomba nueva: